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Indoor Plants

Beaucarnea Plant


Beaucarnea an exotic  plant in a particular for indoors.
Ideal to decorate every corner of your house!
Order Beaucarnea in few clicks.
Details: 50cm

Pink Bigonia


Pink Bigonia in Plastic Pot in whatever shade you want and in a wide variety of colors...what a delight!
The begonia is a plant suitable for both exterior and  interior of your house.
Please write on the comments of the order completion what extra you want like color etc.

Drakena Martzinata


Tropical indoor plant.Espesially durable and easy to care for with the ability to purify the atmosphere.

Height: 1 m

Ficus Benjamin


One of the most popular houseplants, with beautiful tree-growth even in balcony. Belongs to the family of ficus and are fairly easy to care.

Height: 1, 50 m



A green, durable, indoor plant for your house in a plastic pot. A classic plant for places such as offices, stores.

Height: 1, 40 m



Special and the most seductive exotic indoor plants.Fits on every special occasion ... Also available in white and pink.



One of the most impressive indoor plants, planted in a red plastic pot. The exotic flower definitely catches your attention.


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